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Receive a Dependable Hot Tub Repair Service in Bozeman, MT

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At Granite Peak Spas, we offer a range of affordable hot tub repair services for your hot tub.


We can service any hot tub brand, even those we don’t specifically carry. We offer bi-weekly maintenance services, preventative maintenance, and all repairs you require if you require regular maintenance. 


If you have issues with your hot tub, we can perform diagnostic testing to ensure that it works as it should. We can also repair your heater element, repair your tube, replace your pump, or replace the motherboard, among others. Our team can check leaks and reset your hot tub’s chemical levels. Request a competitively priced hot tub repair service at Granite Peak Spas today!

Call the Hot Tub Service Experts

As a leader in the spa industry with more than 20 years of experience, we are family owned and operated and always take care of all your spa requirements – from installation to repairs. Our expert hot tub team advises and helps you choose the best hot tub for your home. 


Get helpful hot tub tips here that will help you take care of your hot tub and make the most out of your spa experience at home.

Your Leading Hot Tub Contractors

As a leading hot tub company in Boseman, MT, we also serve these areas:


  • Helena, MT 
  • Livingston, MT 
  • Billings, MT 

For more details on our professional spa installation and hot tub services, contact us today at (406) 587-7727. Don’t let a broken spa ruin your chance to relax. Get a hot tub repair service from Granite Peaks Spas today!

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